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Review of Solar Angle racking system

My solar company, InvestSolar, had an opportunity to use the Solar Angle racking system in May and then June of 2015. The installations were both residences with 25 degree pitched roofs with asphalt shingles. In both cases the solar modules were aligned in portrait configuration.

Customer Response:

In both of these cases the homeowner customers had already signed a contract with InvestSolar that included standard rail type racking. When I presented the lower profile and more architecturally integrated appearance of the array using Solar Angle attachments, both sets of customers readily agreed to the change. Everyone liked the finished appearance given by the array skirt extrusion piece.

Another important selling point was the 20 year warranty offered by Solar Angle, which is double the length of most racking products I have encountered.

Both sets of homeowners saw Solar Angle as a very worthwhile upgrade, and were enthusiastic to make the switch. I can say without any hesitation that they continue to be thrilled with the results.

Hardware Quality:

Having worked extensively with the product, I can attest to the excellent quality of all the components that result from a very high manufacturing standard. All of the brackets and racking parts are well finished and easy to work with on the roof. There are no sharp edges or poorly finished castings or extrusions. It is obvious to me how much thought and effort has gone into the design and manufacture of each part. Over the course of two installations I became aware of the constant input from the company engineers that have resulted in significant improvements and upgrades.

Technical advantages of the Solar Angle racking system:

By personally installing this product I became aware of the following points:

  • Ease of use:
    • Only 2 bolt/socket sizes are needed for assembly.
    • The base of the support brackets now comes with a sealing patch for temporary attachment of the base to the face of the asphalt shingles.
  • Superior attachment for landscape oriented module arrays:
    • Solar Angle roof attachments allow for a superior fastening of landscape modules at the proper side location points on the module frame.
    • In landscape orientation the fastening brackets can be attached to rafters at 16” or 24” oc.
    • By comparison, standard rail racking often makes for a challenging and difficult landscape panel installation.
  • Array skirt: This finely made extrusion results in a well-finished appearance by trimming the bottom edge of the solar array and shielding the wiring and other mechanical components from view.


I feel this product offers solar installers a clear improvement over standard racking which can result in cost savings and a superior installation. In my opinion the Solar Angle system offers its clearest advantage in excellent aesthetics and finished appearance. Additionally, although the product works well with portrait-oriented module arrays, it will provide a superior installation advantage for often- problematic landscape oriented solar arrays.

It has been a pleasure to work with the staff of Solar Angle and Nissei Metals. They exhibit an exceptional commitment to quality and a very responsive attitude to the development of their product for the exacting demands of today’s solar market.


Jerry Berger

InvestSolar, Seattle, Washington

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